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    On the back of a few seed packets I bought (mostly carrots & lettuce) it says sow - as soon as soil can be worked. Can anyone help be more specific - after all hard frosts have passed?, any certain soil temp? I know carrots are a cool season crop but I don't want to sow to early or late.

    Also a few lettuce packets say early Spring - again any help on more specific?

    Thank you.
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    Varies, depending on weather. All sorts of maps and charts and whatnot on internet that will show you dates of probable last frost. BUT... you still gotta use your own judgement.

    To properly work soil, you must wait until it has dried out from snow melt and rain. If you do it too early the soil will become compacted---turn into a solid block that will not drain well. The old guideline is sound: grab a handful of soil and squeeze. If it turns into something with which you could sculpt or build a house, too wet. Too early. Soil should be friable, loose and lovely. ---I know all too well what happens when I think "THIS year I'm really gonna get ON this garden!" and find that my well-intentioned efforts have made it into a clay slab.

    Waiting until danger of frost is past is a good idea.
    Let the soil be your guide.

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