Appreciation: Second International Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition - 2023

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    Announcing the 2023 Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition

    The second international prediction competition, “When Will the Cherry Trees Bloom?”, will be open throughout February 2023 for all statisticians and data scientists, from experts to students just beginning to use statistical software. Complete submissions include a short narrative and a link to a publicly accessible Git repository.

    Compete for prizes of up to $5,000 and help scientists better understand the impacts of climate change.
    The competition organizers will provide all the publicly available data they can find on the bloom date of cherry trees. Competitors will use this data, in combination with any other publicly available data, to create reproducible predictions of the bloom dates at four locations around the globe.
    For details, visit the competition website.

    Sponsors include RStudio, the American Statistical Association, the ASA Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, the Caucus for Women in Statistics, and the Departments of Statistics at Columbia University and George Mason University. Partners include the International Society of Biometeorology, MeteoSwiss, USA National Phenology Network, and the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival—as well as George Mason’s Institute for a Sustainable Earth and department of modern and classical languages.​

    Get more information, with links you will need in order to participate, and links to last year's entries, at
    Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition – Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom competition (

    Our thread with the link to forum postings from previous years, and with last year's photos, is at
    Appreciation: - First International Cherry Blossom Prediction Competition | UBC Botanical Garden Forums
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