Search after best Liquidambar for short rotation.

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    My little son Bertold Carl wants to become a botanist - like Berthold Carl Seemann - or a plant nutritionist like his father.
    Two years ago he had seen his first American Sweet Gum Liquidambar styraciflua in the Botanical Garden of Munich.
    Here in Europe we do not have any commercial experience in agriculture and forestry with these ornamental only trees, which came in the late 17th century across the Atlantic.
    We can´t buy small Liquidambar varieties in our tree nurseries here, when we want to figure out best plants for short rotation in agriculture and forestry.
    We grow in hardiness zone 6 with mostly atlantic-climate and on wet loam.
    My son now is ten years old and he is an over-ambitious plant breeder with cucurbitaceae since four years. I think, he should do a fairly long-term project now... and he loves this American Ambertree also because of our name, which has the same root word.
    And so I beg you:
    Please send us seed of many different American Sweet Gum trees to
    Bertold Carl Ammer
    Hochkalterstr. 14
    83278 Traunstein

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