Sea Buckthorn Barely Survives Zone 4 Winter

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    I just returned from a vacation, visiting my parents' farm in northern BC (Zone 4).

    Last year, I planted a Sea Buckthorn plant that I purchased from a local nursery.
    It was a few years old, and had both male and female plants on the same rootstock. Nice idea, for people who don't have large yards, or who don't want to wonder if their plants are male or female. This way, customers are assured they have both a male and female and, guaranteed to produce berries. (I assume it was a male graft on a female rootstock.)

    Unfortunately, 90% of the plant that was above ground is dead. See attached photos.

    There are some small shoots coming up from the base of the plant.

    I assume the root survived the cold winter and so the shoots I see are from the female. And the grafted part is dead. Which means, assuming these shoots grow into viable plants, a male plant will be needed.

    I am surprised this plant was affected by the cold so drastically. They are supposed to be cold-hardy to Canadian Zone 4. After all, they originate from Russia and are no stranger to cold.

    Anybody in these forums have success growing Sea Buckthorn in Zone 4 or colder?
    I'm curious to know what variety of plant you have, and if you've taken any extra measures to help your plants survive cold winters.

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