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    So the plants I have at the Salt Spring Centre School ( to raise money for more seeds)
    From the Grade one and two classes:
    Gentri x9
    Victoria Reginea x6
    Horrida var. Horrida x6

    Karaberginsis x11
    Ferox x5

    Mammalaria Albilanata x4
    Opuntia Ficus indica x5

    Yucca Rigida x6
    CordilineAustralisx 4
    Dasilirion Wheeleri

    From grades 3-5 Classes ( germination of tropicals appearing to be much longer, so I'll add to this list when I see more)
    Ensete Ventricosum x6
    Hibiscus Cannabinus
    Hibiscus Manihot
    Paraserianthus Lophantha x7
    Jasmine Mandavilla x14
    Mimosa Pudica x5
    Clitoria ternatea x4

    Like I said there will be more to add to this list. If your interested, then pm me...I can't mail them to people, but if your coming to the island we can hold on to stuff for you.

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