Schizostylis now Hesperantha

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    Schizostylis has been reclassified and is now Hesperantha. It has been relabelled as such at UBCBG.

    • Goldblatt, P. & J. C. Manning. 1996. Reduction of Schizostylis (Iridaceae: Ixioideae) in Hesperantha. Novon 6:262–264.
    • Goldblatt, P. 2003. A synoptic review of the African genus Hesperantha (Iridaceae: Crocoideae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 90:431.

    We generally go with the Royal Horticultural Society on name changes, but in this case they have not yet adopted the new classification. Schizostylis is still very commonly used in the trade and I am sure will be for some time. Look for both names.

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