Saxifragaceae key in FOC

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    I love this key:
    25 (24) Herbs perennial, rarely annual or biennial; inflorescence a cyme or flower solitary; flowers usually actinomorphic, rarely zygomorphic; receptacle cyathiform or saucer-shaped; fruit a capsule, rarely a follicle 10 Saxifraga
    + Herbs perennial; inflorescence a cyme; flowers actinomorphic; receptacle cyathiform; fruit a capsule. (26)

    26 (25) Leaves all basal, petiole short, broad, sheathing at base, leaf blade not peltate, margin entire or dentate; hypanthium scarcely adnate to ovary; petals white, red, or purple, margin entire; ovary subsuperior, proximally 2-loculed with axile placentation and distally 1-loculed with marginal placentation; seeds angular 8 Bergenia
    + Leaves both basal and cauline, stipules membranous, leaf blade peltate, margin palmatilobed; hypanthium proximally adnate to ovary; petals yellowish, margin usually sparsely denticulate; ovary semi-inferior, 2-loculed with axile placentation; seeds tuberculate 9 Peltoboykinia
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    Not very helpful!

    Another bad key is the one for Pinus in Flora of North America.

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