Save my Ponytail Palm?

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    I have had this ponytail palm for a couple of years now. It has done very well up until about a month ago. Full leaves started turning brown until eventually almost all leaves have fallen off the “sprouts”. I had never repotted it, so I did so in hoping for improvement. He stays in a bright window with indirect sunlight. A couple of new little leaves have come through but I haven’t seen much change in them, they seem very lifeless.
    1. Is this a watering issue? I water a little every few weeks and mist most days out of the week.
    2. Is my pot too wide for the size of the trunk?
    3. What do I need to do to save him?

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    I hope someone else who has more experience with these can step in, but my first impression is that the potting soil would retain too much moisture and that there is rot going on.

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