Samanea Saman Raintree Pruning / Trimming / Shaping

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    Dear friends of UBC,
    A few years back i planted 12 Samanea Saman trees after being inspired by the botanical garden in Singapore and also the Samanea Saman trees along the streets almost everywhere. I love the shape of this tree, the size of it, it's flowers, sweet pods and beautiful crown. I've done some annual pruning/trimming so that the trees don't grow too much sideways but more vertical to keep the crown more broccoli shaped.I'm attaching a photograph of two Samanea Saman trees. One of them have been very lightly pruned so most large branches from the stem are intact though i'm considering removing those growing too much horizontally and keep the vertical ones. In the second tree photograph i have done some pruning and trimming to have the main branches grow taller and not so much sideways.

    I want to ask if some of you have experience with pruning/trimming/shaping Samanea Saman trees and if so could you share your knowledge or experience with this particular tree? Also any pointers and feedback on the pruning/trimming i've been doing is most welcomed. Thank you.

    Warmest regards, always

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