Salmon-colored dogwood?

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  1. My neighbor has a dogwood tree that flowers a bright salmon-pink in the spring. It also seems to be one of the later-flowering trees in our region (western WA). I'm trying to identify it so that I can purchase and plant the same tree. Unfortunately, she has no information on its genetics. Can anyone offer a possible answer?
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    The cornus florida clones all flower a month before the kousa types like Satomi.

    I'm trying to remember if it's April or May that florida rubra flowers, but as I say it's a definite month later that you see a "new" crop of pink dogwoods around, which are the kousa Satomi type.

    Of the two, the kousa pinks seem significantly longer flowering, and less disease prone from what I've observed. Still, I won't be getting rid of my florida rubra, it's looking quite attractive with it's leaves turning wine coloured now.

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