Sabal Palmettos

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    I was wondering where I could find Sabal Palmettos (or any non-bush Sabal) to buy in Vancouver. I don't see any nurseries selling them as they seem to be a plant mostly popular in South East America. However, I am sure somewhere in Vancouver has to be selling them. If anyone could tell me what stores sell them, or anyone who is selling, I'd be most grateful.
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    That's a hard one but you might want to contact the Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society (PNWPEPS, or Hardy Palm for short). If you go through 'information and mentorship' someone might be able to help finding something locally.
    PNWPEPS: Contact Us

    However I think your best option would be to contact Mike at Montreal Plants; shipping is reasonable and plants are good (I've used him several times in the past and always been happy)
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