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    Last year i attempted to grow some vegetables and herbs. I decided to grow them in pots as I rent. I germinated the seed then potted them.
    My beans grew almost a foot then began to rot, with its leaves turning black.. I have sage also that grew into a very small plant then began to die off. I alo planted dill it sprouted then just hasnt seemed to grow any more.
    I brought the herbs inside and ensured they dried out. I then gave them some osmocote. I had already applied some osmocote prior to planting as per instuctions.
    One very strange thing i noticed that out of the bottom of one of these pots what is commonly called a magic mushroom sprouted.
    The soil is out of the bag from the supermarket!!!!!!
    IS it too acidic?
    MY herbs are still a little alive can i save them?
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    I get the magic mushrooms too. . .usually indicates too much water. . .let the plant forming them dry out between watering for a little while and see if that helps. I don't think it has anything to do with the acidity but if you have one of those checkers it may be worth a stick.
    Anyway regarding the herbs I think they will be okay just consider re-potting them into smaller pots with less soil or a mix of peatmoss and soil..peat's great for everything. :) lyn

    ALSO be careful with the osmocote . . . easy to over-do
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