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    We bought and planted 5 beautiful rose plants that were blooming in early June. We fertilized (root stimulator and slow release nitrogen) and watered them well for the first 2 weeks. I pruned back the spent flowers cutting just above the second set of 5 leaves. We have had a very hot and dry summer and the roses are all planted about 2feet away from the brick wall of our house. They are on the east side, so they get morning sun and continued sun until afternoon, when the sun starts to drop to the west and they are shaded by the house.
    I have watered them daily, usually in the early morning. They all seemed to be doing well until now. New growth is stunted and smallish....almost looks wilted, and the few buds that are there are small and looked "burnt" on the edges. I just noticed that the bottom established foliage is turning yellow. I fear we will lose all five plants.

    A couple of the plants have leaves that look like something has been eating them.
    They have 1/2 circle "bites" out of them. I'm guessing we have some kind of pest, but I don't see any bugs.
    Can the heat from the bricks and just the 95-100 temperatures be hurting them too?
    I have several other kinds of flowers nearby that are thriving. (Hibiscus, Vinca, Moss Rose and Sedum) Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have 3 old established rose bushes planted out in the open, (not near the brick) that have bloomed many times this summer and I have treated them the same. All of these roses were under the title "Floribunda"....of something like our local gardening store.

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