Rootstock Choice for JM Cultivars

Discussion in 'Maples' started by guy, Feb 29, 2012.

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    In several other threads on this site I've been reading about other peoples thoughts about rootstock choice for JM Cultivars. Particularly those of Mr Shep & his thoughts on the use of Acer palmatum, Acer amoenum and Acer matsumurae.

    So my question is where today can one buy seed of these three types individually & have confidence that they are indeed one or the other. Do these 3 species not hybridize naturally leading to a big genetic soup of commercially produced seedlings?
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    I have had to collect my own seedlings to get the desired rootstock...and even that doesn't work out perfectly every time. I tend to lump Amoenum and Matsumurae together while keeping palmatum separate...although I'm not sure I agree with the normal requirements for the separation of palmatum from the other two. I think Amoenum and Matsumurae hybridize very readily, but neither hybridize with palmatum as readily. I find that most "atropureum" varieties fall into the Amoenum/Matsumurae group, even though the leaf shape is closer to that of palmatum. I tend to look at bark striations, leaf size, samara shape/size, and also bud type as opposed to relying too heavily on depth of leaf division. I guess I have more of a "feel" for certain varieties than a true scientific knowledge of them. Sometimes I have no choice but to try and graft red on red and green on green, because it is difficult to get the desired rootstock.

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