roots infesting veggie beds and unusual evergreen leaves falling

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    Two of my west side veggie beds seems suddenly to be infested with very strong filament type of roots.
    I have planned spinach lettuce and chard there in the shade of these pine tress that are 50 years old. Are these like feeder roots for pine trees? There is nothing else there but a variegated bush behind the gate .. Where I am trying for years to grow s tiny French kind of grade park hedge from scratch. Also there we have s smaller variegated bush that is evergteen an this winter he lost nearly all is leaves. And our japonica looks very bad although he's there for many years and very protected. I did some videos this plant is very peculiar in winter. It makes white flowers that attract flies (in the middle of the winter) and they eat these flowers and get like drunk from them. Flies are rather kiddish won't you say. Well in the japonica flowers they can sit for hours non stop and feed on them till nothing is left an that in December.. When no other flies is going around.. They are black flies like the bad ones that sit on poop etc.. thank you very much for you kind opinions.

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