Root pruning a potted Japanese Maple

Discussion in 'Maples' started by benzmum, Feb 9, 2024.

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    agree with @AlainK
    No need for any root additives, never an issue in all of our years of re potting.
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    I do it but I don't have any data points on baseline of trees with and without in a soil less medium (in this current thread of container pot culture)

    In the world of annuals like yearly vegetable gardening, Myco does help to create a larger root mass for seedlings. When I transplant them up from the liner - the ones that have been inoculated does have a larger root mass IME.

    Was just curious if anyone here may do it after a root prune but see my original remark on this thread....the whole point of root prune is to either get rid of roots since it's pot bound, so I also presume said grower may not want that much *roots* to be be expedited in the same pot that was just root pruned.
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    After reading about mycorrhizal fungi in pots, my thought is that it's great if you have money to burn. Like adding 'good wishes'.

    It's been many years since I attended a presentation by Dr. Shannon Berch about mycorrhizal fungus but I remember her saying that adding it to container plants was counter-productive.
    Not everyone agrees so it seems but I trust her authority more than most.
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