Robusta Popular: Black edges on leaves and brown leaves

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by ndnewbie, Jul 25, 2015.

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    I recently planted bare root Robusta Popular trees. After they started to grow the deer started nipping off the new leaves, so I put a 4 foot circle of galvanized chicken wire around each tree. Keeps the deer from eating the plant but after several weeks the trees started getting black edges on some leaves. Thought it was where the wind was knocking the tree into the wire. Then on some trees started to get some leaves turning brown. Trees also seemed to slow down on growth. Then one tree died. Could this be from the chicken wire? The chicken wire is 4 ft tall and touches the ground. The circles are held by 5 ft metal garden stakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We planted 50 of these trees and most are showing the same signs.
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    Poplars can be subject to bacterial infestations that cause darkening of the leaves. Otherwise, in regard to the one that died they need lots of water, of course, especially if newly planted. But if it sort of blighted off, rather than wilting and shriveling, without blackening then maybe it was infested.

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