Rhododendrons: Rhododendrons with weak branches

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    We have several Rhododendrons on our new property. Because the last home owners did not really like to garden some of these shrubs were terribly overcrowded by taller bushes and trees. The result is branches on the ground trying to spread out long enough to get light instead of standing tall. These shrubs also have spindly branches that are not strong and thick enough to support flowers. The other shrubs and trees have been cut back so there is more space and light in the area. When and how should I cut back these plants to get them to produce better branches so they can flower and stand up like a Rhododendron shrub. Thank you
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    The American Rhododendron Society provides an excellent guide on how and when to prune rhododendrons. In your instance, make sure to read the part about "Pruning to Rejuvenate".

    How And When To Prune Rhododendrons

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