Appreciation: Rhododendrons at VanDusen Botanical Garden

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    I haven't decided what I want to do with this thread yet, whether I will follow these trees or will post a bunch of leaf photos. If anyone wants to contribute, you're welcome to and then we'll see where the thread goes.

    My favourite leaves last week were on the Rhododendron fulvum.
    Rhododendron-fulvum_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_134907.jpg Rhododendron-fulvum_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_134923.jpg

    The other leaves that appealed to me were all oval, with a cordate shape at the stem end. I was getting a little discouraged seeing several that all looked similar but with different names, but it finally occurred to me that there would be flowers. Really, I like these ones for the leaves.
    Here are two Rhododendron Olympic Lady Group. These are a cross of 'Loderi King George' and R. williamsianum. Some page said the flowers are pink, but photos I've seen are pinky white. I like the purple petioles, but a description I read said they're red. OK, fine.
    RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree1_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_135902.jpg RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree1_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_135928.jpg RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree1_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_140020.jpg
    This with the same name has larger leaves.
    RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree2_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_140312.jpg RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree2_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_140344.jpg RhododendronOlympicLadyGroup-Tree2_VanDusen_Cutler_20210219_140400.jpg

    This has a sign saying Rhododendron Bow Bells Group, which would be a cross between R. 'Corona' and R. williamsianum, with pink flowers.

    The sign for this says Rhododendron 'Maureen', which Steve Whysall in Your complete guide to rhododendrons | Vancouver Sun on April 24, 2009, said is a "R. williamsianum hybrid with cute round leaves (typical of that species) that emerge with the coppery hue of brand-new pennies. The flowers are clear pink. Size. 30 inches." This individual is over twice that size, so I don't know.
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    Keep in mind that Steve Whysall was a reporter, not an authority.

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