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    When is the best time to transplant a mature Rhodo and can they take cold east winds in the winter and bright sun during the summer and fall?
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    I don't know much about Rhodos (other than my own experiences). However, experience has shown me that some can't take blazing heat in the summer (I had to cut one out that always had drooping leaves).

    Also, this year one of my Rhodos (old plant 10 years +) lost almost all of it's leaves to what (I think) was very cold easterlies (-10 to -20 for several days).

    That said, I have come to know them as hardy plants that can take quite a beating. I hardly watered the one that I cut out (could not get the irrigation to it) and cut it out mainly for appearance reasons (drooping leaves look awful). The one that got wind damaged I expect to return readily.

    Hope this helps.

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