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  1. We live in the Sacramento area of Central California. We planted a rhodo in front of our house about three years ago. It gets some morning sun but is mostly in the shade during hot summer days. Close to house and under a tree so not much exposure to wind either. Now about 3 ft tall. Didn't bloom until 2/3 months ago (just an occasional blossom) after started feeding rhodo food. Plant seemed to be thriving w/many new shoots when I noticed about a week or so ago that leaves were falling off (the older leaves, not the new). This was a day or two after I last fed it. I picked up about 40 leaves yesterday and noticed a half dozen or so more on the ground today. I checked a number of web sites but found no mention of this type of problem. Any thoughts/suggestions as to what's happening very much appreciated. I'd hate to lose this plant.
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    It is common for the older leaves 2nd or 3rd year leaves to fall after new growth is established. I don't ever recally seening 4th year growth remaining. There is some variance depending on the rhody type. Also, older leaves are not a good judge of plant health, but if the new growth is green and health looking then you're probably OK ... I would keep up the ocasional, I assume liquid rhody food like miracid, and just keep watch. Rhodies respond well to leaf feeding that can hide an overall soil deficiency (or counter one depending on your view).
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    Check for rhododendron mildew.

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