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  1. My wife has gotten some grapes that are huge! About an inch apiece from the store, and I have the seeds now...

    What I am wondering is how do I know if these things will grow? Or, if they are hybirds and wont either germinate, or wont produce any fruit once I do try and grow them..? (I heard that hybirds wont produce fruit, and I dont need a lesson in futility on this thing)...

    I see on another post, thats it a particularly hard to get seeds to grow, but, impossibilies are not always improbable, just a wee bit harder to accomplish...

    I'm willing to give it a shot, but, I dont want to waste my time either...

    Oh, they grow grapes around my area, but, the ones they grow are usually lacking in "meat", just a little "snot ball", (I call them) -(they are white grapes), because they arent full bodied, just a lot of water and a bit of goo in them...Ugh!!

    When I want a grape, I want a concord grape that is full of "meat" or pulp or what ever it is that fills them up...

    Ok, I live in Steubenville Ohio, dont know what zone it is, but its 60 miles below Youngstown on the Eastern side of Ohio. I plan to try to germinate these things soon, and its January now, so maybe February would be a good time?? Thanks for the help...Jesse
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    Hello WWMenace,

    It is unlikely that the grapes that would result from your seeds would equal the ones that produced the seeds. Also it would take several years before the vines actually start to bear fruit. If you do not want to waste time and effort, I think you would be better off finding out what your favourite varieties are and planting some vines that you can be sure of. Ohio is a good area for growing concord grapes. Reading through some of the entries in this forum, Grapes and Grape Vines, will help and I am sure some readers will have suggestions on varieties for you. It would be a good idea to visit some local nurseries and consult you local extension office for info. OSU would be a good source of info. Here is a link to their extension info (try a search for grapes):

    I grew up in Ohio, Menace. Our grape vines produced a good crop of concords each year, without a lot of effort. It is definately worthwhile establishing some vines and they are also very ornamental.

    Good luck,
  3. Thanks for the reply Eric, its very much appreciated! I shall try those, and since the local nurseries dont have grape vines as a usual item, I will probably order them from Gurnsey, because they advertise them...

    Once again, thanks a lot...Jesse

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