Remarkable rats.

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    A poisonous rat that licks deadly toxins onto its own fur sounds like some kind of made-up nightmare species. But these creatures are real, and scientists now say they are also unexpectedly affectionate—at least with their own kind.

    The African crested rat is the only mammal known to sequester lethal plant toxins.

    The discovery thrilled mammologists. "Basically, it's the only known mammal to date, at least that we know of, that co-opts toxins from a plant to make itself venomous," says Adam Ferguson, a mammal expert at the Field Museum in Chicago

    For Rats That Coat Themselves In Poison, These Rodents Are Surprisingly Cuddly

    However much we know, there is always more to learn about this amazing world we live in and the animals and plants with whom we share it.
    And the rats are quite strikingly beautiful, too.
    Here is another rat who deserves a medal---and got one:

    PDSA's gold medal is inscribed with the words "For animal gallantry or devotion to duty". Of the 30 animal recipients of the award, Magawa is the first rat.

    Magawa the mine-detecting rat wins PDSA Gold Medal
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