Red Wrigglers/Wigglers

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    So happy to have found this forum...

    I have had worm bins for years as a teacher and always was under the impression
    and was told recently again that these are essentially from Africa and are not to
    be let loose in your garden... I live in the SF Bay Area and altho we do not get snow
    or serious cold.. its not Africa..
    Then someone else mentioned that they let their red worms from their worm bin go
    into the garden when they harvest them.... So the question is: are these actually capable of surviving in our Mediterranean climate soil??

    thanks much for any info...
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    As long as they have vegitation to feed off of. They eat the organic food we give them, so they stay closer to the surface than normal garden worms that go say 6-12 inches down. These will stay 2-6 inches deep, maybe deeper, where food is breaking down.

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