Red to Green: the evolution of a city's abandoned acres

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    The city is Christchurch, New Zealand, aftermath of the earthquake of 2011.
    Red to Green: The stark evolution of a city’s abandoned acres

    In the decade city leaders have spent deciding what to do with it, Christchurch's red zone has found its own path. The result is a rare insight into how life moves on after humans have left.
    The liquefaction seen in Christchurch is among the most severe of its kind seen anywhere in the world. The soils, groaning beneath the weight of the built environment, subsided, further subjecting the land to the forces at work beneath it.

    That zone 6B took just a few years to revert to its natural state shows how powerfully the land reasserts itself, when the restrictions of human intervention are released.
    The visuals are very well-done.
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