Raspberries flowering in late fall

Discussion in 'Fruit and Vegetable Gardening' started by Barbara Baird, Dec 1, 2006.

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    My raspberries are Willamette (not a fall flowering type), and yet sometimes they will flower in late September. Of course, these flowers come to nothing in my climate (west Vancouver Island). I think this really throws off the canes next year, and they then seem to die in mid July or so, just as the fruit they set is getting ripe. Other bushes behave normally.

    Am I doing something to encourage this bad behavior? Fertilizing at the wrong time, perhaps? I mulch heavily, garden organically, and only prune out the old canes after their leaves turn yellow or fall. I don't prune the new canes. The canes are reasonably healthy and strong, though come to think of it, this seems to happen more in my older beds. Could that be a factor?

    Any suggestions much appreciated!


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