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  1. Last year I transplanted a few bushes from the neighbors yard, they leafed out, flowered, and bore fruit, this year the stems from last year died and new ones came up, but they have not flowered, Question is, will these new shoots ever bare fruit or should I start over, or is there something I need to do, or should have done?
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    I am not an expert on raspberries, but I believe many (most?) fruit on second year wood. So the canes that fruited last year were likely in their second year. Trim out the dead canes and leave the bed to establish itself. See if the new canes that grew this year produce fruit next year.
  3. what and how do I take care of rasberry bushes ? what is best for mulch 1. & 2nd what not to use. what best to feed?
  4. Hi
    I was watching gardeners world last friday and they had a variety of rasberry bushes - joan j - can anyone advise where you can get same.

    joan b!
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    I have just recently registered on this site so bear with me to get the hang of this. My question is this: We have a place in N.C. - Franklin, N.C. We had beautiful rasberry bushes up a walk - the blackberries were starting to push them out in areas so we were told to cut all the bushes back since they needed that every 4 to 5 years. We did so 2 years aqo and only a few of the rasberry shoots have come back -the blackberries are coming back but not the rasberries liked we were told they would do. Does it take several years or did we listen to the wrong advice and now we need to go and purchase more rasberry bushes?

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