Radermachera shrivelling up

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    Hi all,

    This was a very healthy radermachera with rich green foliage. All of a sudden it started shedding its leaves and then started growing new ones, which are all what's left now. However, the stems and leaves are becoming brown and shrivelling up from the top down (The ones in the photo have been clipped from the top few days ago, but the brown is visible). I had another radermachera before and it ended up dying the same way, please help!

    I hope I'm not doing anything horribly wrong, I water before the soil dries up, the plant gets indirect sunlight in the afternoon, I keep it inside the house, so the temperature is around 25 deg C. I recently started feeding my plants at every watering (slow release Phostrogen plant food), and I tried spraying it with pesticide, just in case...


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