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  1. hi ..
    i just harvested some dahlberg daisy seeds from my garden
    and i wanted to know ... am i supposed to pull that little hairy tail off of them?

    if u dont know what i mean.. its like a little umbrella of hairs for the wind to pick it up and carry it away.

    Thanks for any help :)
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    I will honestly state that I don't personally remember the seed structure of Dahlberg Daisy's, but with that said, it is always best to leave the seed as intact as possible. If 'Mother Nature' designed a seed with its own unique dispersal mechanism, it has obviously been deemed important for survival. I would therefore plant your seeds fully intact. This will not hinder the chance of germination. However, you will most-likely want to stratisfy the seeds to enhance the chance of success. I have found that a 24-hour soak in water, followed by a 7-day cold stratisfying period in the refrigerator is quite effective. Such a stratisfying practice aids in the breaking of natural dormancy that is typically broken by winter's harshness!

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