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    I got this email from one of my friends. I wonder if anyone has heard about this and if this is true or is a hoax...

    If you use mulch around your house be very careful about buying it this year. After the hurricane in New Orleans many trees were blown over. These trees were then turned into mulch and the state is trying to get rid of tons and tons of this mulch to any state or company who will come and haul it away. So it will be showing up in Home Depot and Lowes at dirt cheap prices with one huge problem; Formosan Termites will be the bonus in many of those bags.

    New Orleans is one of the few areas in the country were the Formosan Termites has gotten a strong hold and most of the trees blown down were already badly infested with those termites. Now we may have the worst case of transporting a problem to all parts of the country that we have ever had. These termites can eat a house in no time at all and we have no good control against them, so tell your friends that own homes to avoid cheap mulch and know were it came from.

    Jennifer Beehler
    Secretary to the Chair
    Clinical Studies Department
    Ontario Veterinary College
    University of Guelph
    ext 54069
    Rm 1437
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    This got talked over pretty well on GardenWeb awhile back. If you search there and find the pertinent thread(s) you will immediately get a full discussion. Daniel has a link to GardenWeb on the part of this site that has links to other gardening forums.

    For that matter you can probably find it via Google.
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