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    Hi guys,
    I would like to post a request on the forums and I'm not sure where, or whether my request is appropriate. Here it is:
    I am a volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Assoc., and we are at the early stages of creating a native garden committee to resurrect a native garden at the WRA site on Burnaby Lake. We are looking for:
    a) a professional mentor. This could be a graduate of a Master Garden Program or a current student looking for practicum experience (sorry, there is no budget for payment).
    b) enthusiastic members of the committee to do some of the grunt work; initially the removal of invasives.
    c) a free or very cheap source of native plants.
    That's it. Maybe my post should be split over two or three posts? Look forward to your advice. If there is any possibility of the UBC Botanical Gardens partnering with us, can you please advise?
    Christine (apartment gardener)

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