Queen Palm flimsy fronds

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    Hello I have a few queen palms in my yard in houston and on a pair of them which are around 1 year old (maybe a bit less) the trunks have grown quite a bit and seem to be doing well. However, i just noticed that the new growth coming out is flimsy and light green as opposed to dark and firm. It just kind of wilts over. The older fronds are dark and standing more upright. I am not sure if this is early stages of frizzle top or not. I have used both general and manganese fertilizer spikes about two months ago placing them just as recommended and watering regularly. The soil is basically clay like however these areas where the Queens are have been planted in before with shrubs and such and I have all that removed. During that I noticed the soil here is much less clay like so I suspect maybe the previous owner mixed in some sand or something to augment the soil. So I think that is a good thing.

    I also have another that has been around for a couple years now and has experienced something similar, but is growing at a very slow almost not at all rate. The fronds are not drying or browning, just kind of wilted and flimsy looking.

    In addition I have some Washingtonias planted here and there and they grow like weeds with no problems and I water them much less than the Queens.

    I am thinking maybe the soil is very deficient in the essential nutrients required for Queens and my fertilizer application came too late and now will take some time for the trees to recover.

    Can anyone offer any advise on what this is?

    Thank You all in advance for any advice or tips.

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