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    What I have learned and what I want to know about the Avocado Tree.

    A: Avocado Trees love organic, well drained soil. I use the first 3" of leaf litter compost from an adjacent forest.

    A: Avocado Trees also thrive in acidic soil. Since the local soils ph doesn't match my plants needs I use a water soluble solution once every 7-14 days. Called Miracid. Be sure to thoroughly dissolve the crystals.

    A: Drooping leaves may simply be the plants way of insulating itself overnight. To conserve energy until the sun appears again the next morning.

    A: If growing Avocado inside, know your window facing, North, South, East, West. Avoid East facing windows entirely as the suns direct rays will burn the avocado. My plant sits next to a North facing window and gets indirect sunlight all day.
    If you have no choice but to use a window with strong, direct rays, try using a nylon mesh screen or other similar material to filter/reduce the intensity.

    A: Compact Fluorescent Lights are ideal for plants like the avocado that need a steady stream of moderate light. Combined with the right window, your plant will rarely suffer for lack of light.

    Q: I have a concern about the root strength of an avocado tree grown indoors. With the lack of natural wind conditions, the roots never have an opportunity to fortify themselves in the base they grow in. Making the tree a "pushover" under the right conditions. Any thoughts?

    My avocado, 3 months approx. 1 foot tall.

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