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    Hi All,

    I have been reading about puffballs and I find that while many articles say "all puffballs are edible" many others say "most puffballs are edible".. Now after much reading it seems that there are two groups of people. Those who include Earthballs like Scleroderma Citrinum when refering to Puffballs and those who do not. Am I correct in assuming that if I remove earthballs and stalked puffballs from the puffball catagory that everything left is edible? (the usual test for things like Amanitas would of course apply)
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    My understanding is that no earthball is edible...and the only puffballs that are, are the pure white ones.......BUT...I've been known to be wrong before.
    I eat the white puffballs from my area though...which include:
    Giant puffballs:Calvetia gigantea
    Gem-studded puffball:Lycoperdon perlatum
    Pear-shaped puffball:Lycoperdon pyroiforme
    and last
    Western Lawn Puffbowl:Vascellum pratense
    If they are turning yellowish or even brown inside....don't eat.
    In anything I've read though, I've not come across any edible earthstars or earthballs.

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