Prunus x kerrasis - Canadian dwarf sour cherries

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    @pmurphy posted a photo of Prunus x kerrasis 'Cupid' at Virtual Garden Tour.
    I had never hear of these, have now learned that they are a cross between Prunus cerasus and P. fruiticosa, and their advantages are that they have a high brix content for sour cherries and they are well-adapted for use by machine harvesters. Here is a lot of information packed into one page: Canadian Dwarf Sour Cherries – Prunus x kerrasis — Carrington REC (

    There are links from there to the U. of Saskatchewan Fruit Program page at Sour Cherries - University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program - University of Saskatchewan (, which links to a more extensive history at Tarts with a touch of romance | Good Fruit Grower.

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