Identification: Prunus x gondouinii 'Schnee' - single white, green leaves, mid-to-late season

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I guess these are just an Avium of some sort, based on the way the sepals curl back, but the shape of these trees seems different, they're grafted, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence of what else they were supposed to be unless I'm just not noticing a difference in different branches. The blossoms are larger than a quarter, and some were larger than the ones in the photo. The trees are on Bute just south of Davie in Vancouver's West End.
    20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4076r.jpg 20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4082r.jpg
    20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4077r.jpg 20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4081r.jpg 20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4083r.jpg 20080419_ButeDavie_Avium_Cutler_4086cr.jpg
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    Re: Prunus Avium - Small singles, green leaves, large round tree, mid to late season

    Looks like Prunus x gondouinii 'Schnee'. Prunus expert A.L. Jacobson has found this at a couple locations in Seattle:

    ...a sour / sweet cherry hybrid from Germany; schnee means snow in German. A nearly fruitless clone grown as an ornamental. It is extremely rare in Seattle. Green Lake has one in the NW part, next to the unpaved trail that goes from the parking lot to the huge boulder near the asphalt lakeside path: 22 1/2' x 3'6". High Point housing has some street-trees by 32nd Ave SW & SW Morgan St.

    --Trees of Seattle - Second Edition

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