Identification: Prunus maackii - orange peeling bark

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I've never seen Prunus maackii (Manchurian cherry, or Amur chokecherry) in Vancouver, but I saw a lot of them in Calgary last week. Maybe they don't do so well in our damp spring climate? Many of them were beautiful trees. I see that there are some cultivars, 'Amber Beauty' being one that appears in a lot of google photos. I would guess these are cultivars, but don't really know how to tell.

    This one is in the Reader Rock Garden.
    20120912_ReaderRockCalgary_PrunusMaackii_Cutler_P1320268.jpg 20120912_ReaderRockCalgary_PrunusMaackii_Cutler_P1320275.jpg

    This is a street tree in the Elboya neighbourhood in SW Calgary.
    20120914_42nd-5AswCalgary_PrunusMaackii_Cutler_P1320375.jpg 20120914_42nd-5AswCalgary_PrunusMaackii_Cutler_P1320376.jpg 20120914_42nd-5AswCalgary_PrunusMaackii_Cutler_P1320383.jpg
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    'Manchurian', and 'Amur', are clues for you here: locations in northeastern Asia with highly continental climates - fairly similar to Calgary, but very unlike Vancouver's oceanic climate.

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