Prunus Glandulosa

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    Does anyone out there have any insite as to where I could find (purchase) a Flowering Almond? (has also seen referred to as Chinese Flowering Almond), in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.
    I love this plant/shrub and have looked off and on for a few years, unsuccessfully, and was told by one nursery that it is no longer imported. I am not sure as to the accuracy of this comment or maybe I'm not finding the right supplier. Is it more of a specialty type of plant do you think?
    My parents had a beauty that lived a very healthy life for many years in a wooden barrel type of planter in a somewhat sheltered location but it's undoing was an overzealous lawn maintenace person that they had brought in to deal with a weed problem in the grass area near where this lovely plant was thriving. It fell on deaf ears when he was asked to be very careful not to get any weed killer near it. This was a number of years ago where we would now use more environmentally friendly approaches. Anyways, I sure hope someone out there can point me in the right direction. Thanks and happy growing. LumLum01

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