pruning rasberry bushes

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  1. when and how do i nedd to prune my 1st year rasberry bushes?
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    I am no expert on raspberries, but they are my favourite fruit and I am thinking of planting some, so I should learn more about them too.

    First questions unregistered. Did your canes produce fruit this summer? Do you know what type of raspberries they are? Different types of raspberries have different growth and fruiting habits. Raspberries are perennials, but the canes are generally biennial. They fruit either in summer or fall. Typically the first year canes do not produce fruit. In the second year they make side branches and produce fruit. After fruiting, the canes die back. This means that the canes have to be selectively pruned, the canes which have fruited are removed and the new first year canes are left to fruit the following year. Some varieties are available that fruit on first year canes. These varieties can simply be cut to the ground after fruiting - some people run a lawnmower over them. That info is true for both red and yellow (gold) raspberries; blackberries and black raspberries are similar, but cannot be cut all the way down to the crown, some length of stem with buds has to be left for them.

    This is perhaps not the simple answer you were wanting, but if you know what you have, it will not be so difficult. Here is a link with more thorough info:

    Your on your way to a some berry nice harvests in the future, happy gardening,

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