Rhododendrons: pruning ?? or not.....

Discussion in 'Ericaceae (rhododendrons, arbutus, etc.)' started by kharma, May 27, 2008.

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    We currently moved into a small duplex and have two rhodes in front of house both about 4-5 feet tall.....i have never pruned this type of bush before and when we moved in the were very overgrown and not doing so hot so we cut them back as much as we could without them being naked. the left bush is done blooming and i have removed all the dead buds. the right bush is doing wonderfull. although the left bush has a empty spot in the front and each bush has alot off just branch in the center with no foliage around it. also alot of the branches that have leaves and blooms are gangaly, long, and intertwind but i dont want to cut them back because it is really the only thing from keeping the bush from being bare. I love these bushes and would love them to look there best instead of being an eye sore. any advice would be AWSOME! thank you.

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