Pruning Mystery (?) and Lilac Trees

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    I have some very tall (20-30 ft high?) trees and lilac trees on the edge of my yard, and I want to prune them down to roof-height. Can I just lop at them with a pole saw (of course, I don't want a flat top), or does there need to be a method to my madness? I'm really not to concerned about how the lilacs end up growing.

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    Here are the two best options for the lilacs:

    Pruning Large, Overgrown Lilacs | Horticulture and Home Pest News

    (I know that for some shrubs here at UBC, the horticulturists have used the second method, even though it takes 3 years)

    For the mystery tree--those methods might not work. It is better if it gets identified first. Lop off a branch and post a picture of the leaves / branching for identification.

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