Pruning & controlling bitter cherry

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by fern2, Mar 22, 2008.

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    We've got a volunteer bitter cherry that keeps returning each spring, no matter how much we try to remove it. And man, it certainly is the most vigorous & speedy plant I've ever seen (more than any climber or weed): last year it went from an underground root to a 12ft tall tree in a single summer!! Unfortunately it's also growing in a less than ideal spot in my garden and could quickly become a problem for the dense patch of sun-loving plants I've put there. I've worked so hard to set up this corner of my garden and I'd rather not have to revamp my plans to accommodate the cherry.

    Anyway, I've got three questions for y'all:
    1. Are there any rules for pruning this thing so it doesn't grow any larger?? It's nice as it is but will block a window & shade my 'sunny meadow' garden if it gets much taller/wider.
    2. What about controlling its side shoots (or are they just more new recruits..)?? I only want 1 tree max but we've already got at least 1 more popping up nearby.
    3. Anyone want a lovely 3ft &/or 12ft bitter cherry? DIY dig up & pick up would be necessary but I think (if you can control the new growth) these can be quite lovely trees and are certainly a big hit with our local birds... I just don't really want a tree where this one has sprung up.

    Thanks muchly guys.

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