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Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by Johnsp3, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I purchased a "Dwarf" banana plant through one of those mail order nurseries. I have had the plant about a year now and am growing it indoors as a house plant. Currently the plant has two larger stalks and a new small one starting. Currently they are in an 8" pot. I was wondering if I could cut this into three plants and if so how. Any advise or pointers would be greatly appreciated. In the attached picture the largest of the three stalks is the one on the left.

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    Hmmm, John your banana bush is still immature as far as growth development. The rootball/culm needs to be sending out many new shoots/stalks, then I would divide.
    Perhaps now would be a great time to repot up, if the roots are cramped.
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    The only way to know for sure if your Musa is ready to be divided, would be to expose the root system and see if sufficent roots are emerging from the bottoms of each pseudostem.
    From the photo it does look rather small at this point to be concidering division. You may want to wait until Autumn to divide this grouping.

    Cheers, LPN.

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