Problem with Colorado blue spruce

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I planted a Colorado blue spruce
    eight years ago at my moms house in eastern Pennsylvania. The tree took right away
    and has had wonderful growth since. Its about 11 or 12 feet high already and has
    been healthy ever since it was planted. It gets plenty of afternoon and evening sun as well. About a month ago or so, I noticed one of the branches on top was dead, actually dead and curled downward. Didn't think too much of it since it was one branch. Well, yesterday, I noticed that most of the branches on top were now a light
    brown and they don't have as many needles on them as the healthy branches do. Its definetly noticable. I am a total novice when it comes to plants or trees so I would appreciate any and all help or guidence that is offered. I planted this tree as a gift to my mom on Mothers day, so I need to know if there is a problem.

    Thank you very much,
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    Hi Brian,

    Your problem seems to be similar to ours - and I was hoping for some help also!

    My research to date suggests that the problem is the Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid. This my not kill the tree, but it will disfigure it.

    You may wish to visit this website:

    Maybe someone out there has a definite answer :-)

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