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    I'm not sure if I should be posting in this forum but I have a dilemma. I have a large privet - possibly Ligustrum japonicum - that has outgrown where it was originally planted and now must be removed.

    I have to do some major work and rearranging of plants soon and unfortunately this tree has become a victim of this much needed work. It must be removed but I have no place for it so was wondering if anyone in the Vancouver area is interested in giving it a new home, and up to the challenge of removing it.

    It is currently about 2m high (half trimmed at the moment) and located in an area that is only accessible on 2 sides (sort of).
    The photos may give a better idea of how it is situated.

    IMG_5774.JPG IMG_5775.JPG

    This is a last ditch effort to find it a home as my only other option will be to cut it down.

    I thought I had more time so sadly the tree has now been removed.
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