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    I am a new gardener and we have moved into a townhouse complex recently. I am looking for privacy between our neighbors. On our side neighbors, I am looking for a plant/shrub/tree(?) that can stay in pots, that grows in shade and that will block our view, hopefully with something that has a nice aroma. For our back neighbors, I am looking for some trees that will grow into a nice privacy hedge. Others have planted cedar hedging, I was wondering if there were any other options. These can go right into the gound, also something that will be easy to maintain. I know that all of this is a tall order, but I am hoping someone can help me. Thanks! Tana
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    Hello Tana,

    Hmm.. the first question is probably the hardest. About the only thing that comes to mind that will tolerate a bit of shade, smell okay, and can be grown in pots are sweet peas. The shade part is actually the hardest, because most of the plants that get to a decent height and like shade really need to be planted into the ground, not in pots.... but if you're able to plant into the ground, then I would suggest that you look at some climbers such as honeysuckle, a climbing jasmine, or possibly even an ivy, depending on just how much shade there is.

    As for the hedge, there are a number of different possibilities, though I think that the cedars are probably the lowest maintenance option. Yew also makes a very nice hedge, but it needs to be pruned more often... there are also broadleaf evergreens, like Photinia, for example, but they not only require more pruning, but also more skilled pruning.

    Once you have determined the optimal height and width of your respective plantings, I suggest that you talk with garden centre staff in your area, as they will be able to show you a variety of plant material.

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