Princeton Maple troubles

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Unregistered, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. I gave my rural-living parents a Princeton Gold Maple for their anniversary three years ago. They live in the southeast corner of Iowa. The tree is in a sunny place and continues to survive but each year the leaves come out beautifully, then turn brown and fall off by mid-summer. Can you give me any information as to why? Or what could be done for this? Thank you.
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    Likely periods of low humidity and high temperatures and/or the soil is becoming too hot and dry. Is it mulched? Do they water it?

    Colored foliage forms of maples often more sun sensitive than the green ones.
  3. Thanks for your help. The tree is in full sun, and it does get very hot in southern Iowa in the summer although not this summer and it did the same thing. My mother said she watered it only once this summer when they went through a particularly dry spell. It isn't mulched. Maybe mulching and watering in the future would help. Thank you. Appreciate your reply.

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