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    The following was received via email:

    I live in north central Florida. I have in my yard a large princess plant. For three years it has grown to a height of 5-6 feet, and is 4-5 feet in diameter. During this period it has bloomed only in the first year it was planted, and never since it has reached these large proportions. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  2. Hello

    Hello. I also have a princess plant. I agree that it is picky and needs attention. What I've learned, (since I live in Jacksonville, FL)
    Is that our area gets TOO MUCH RAIN . This plant thrives if watered only once a week and given monthly doses of water soluble fertalizer. Hope this helps! It does even better if placed when bought in a large container so you can bring it in-doors when it is the rainy season and when it gets below 40 degrees.
    Good LUCk
  3. Princess plant Problems

    In California, in the Summer, apparently, our Princess Plants are different. If we don't water them at least every other day they quickly start to wilt in this dry heat.

    And we have a different problem with ours...

    My previous roommate had one in Sacramento in a big clay pot that grew to 6 feet tall and was always covered with healthy blooms.

    But ours just 90 miles south of there in the same valley is growing extremely slowly, so it is still very short for its age. And the petals always fall off the blooms too fast.

    Because of the hard soil around here, I dug a huge hole for it when I planted it, filled the hole with Miracle Grow Potting Soil, we water it when it needs watering, and it just does not grow.

    So I would like to know which plant food or fertilizer is best for Princess Plants, and what else should I do for it?

    Thank you,
    Jeff N

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