Post Pictures of Graft Union for Others to compare?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by greenZ, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Caught the Japanese Maple addiction. Yikes!!! Been reading a lot about maples the past weeks as well as looking thru the pictures in the Archive.

    One thing that I don't see in the archive is pictures of graft union.

    My wallet isn't fat, so my first stop for Japanese Maples varieties (two or three to start me off) is eBay. There are many eBay sellers (acer1987, bonzaibob, Cal Maple, jherter, etc., etc., etc.). I'm sure some of you got a few of your maples from them in the past.

    Could some of you Veterans please post pictures (/give opinion) of your Japanese Maple graft unions . I, and probably other beginners on this forum, would like to look at some of the graft unions to compare and make our own decision. What graft is consider good, bad, ugly, sloppy, etc.? I'm sure most of the eBay Japanese Maples are good and alive, and the small little trees will grow, but some Grafter have better hands than others. Better hands, minimum scars, equal a little extra money....which I don't mind paying.

    Thanks in advance. I'm a Newbie to gardening so I don't know what's considered a good graft and what not.

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    A couple of points.

    I won't go as far as to say that buying plants on Ebay is a bad idea - but I can't reccomend anyone you list there. I did notice Sam "The Maple Lady" has been selling some of her merchandise on there. She's the proprietor of I've bought 2 maples and a couple dwarf conifers from her and am completely happy with them. But why not cut out the middle man and visit her website?

    As for the propagating skill of a particular vendor - you're assuming those vendors actually grafted the trees - many probably did not. Anyone with enough money to spend can by liners from a wholesaler.

    Also, the cheapest thing is rarely the best bargain. I'd suggest buying a couple 1 gallon plants (which still can be had reasonably cheaply) instead of several of 1 yr grafts.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;o)).
    I doubt that grafters will fully agree on what constitutes a 'perfect' graft, each one has his/hers point of view on what is important and relevant. In addition you would need to differentiate on the different approaches to grafting (see thread on bud grafts)

    As a buyer, for me a good graft is the one that holds!, otherwise I look to any incipient signs of disease at the graft union.
    Then I hate dissectums with a high graft, but that is just a matter of personal taste.


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