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    I live in a townhouse complex in the once denuded Citadel Heights section of Port Coquitlam. The "legend" is that the five Ponderosa Pines that are in a curb-edged planter up the middle of our entrance driveway were yanked out of a forest and planted on the cheap by one of the developers. They would have been planted about fifteen to seventeen years ago. Most are 9 to 12 inches through the center. They sit in soil that is mounded at least 18 inches and are surrounded by small rhodos and heather. Although none of them show any signs of lifting the pavement on either side of the planter, our outgoing council has decided that they will cause us expensive asphalt repairs and want to have them cut down. I love them and would like to make an arguement to save them. Are trees of this age likely to develop surface lateral roots that would harm the pavement? My sense (and I could be very wrong) is that they have already set deeper roots. What is the truth?
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    Root architecture is different for every species, but also very much site-specific. In shallow soils, even normally deep-rooted plants will make shallow roots (and vice versa).

    An arborist -- perhaps from the City of Port Coquitlam -- could more easily assess the site and make a recommendation.

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